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We’re On a Mission

Transition & Co is a European change agency, a training academy and a sustainability studio. We promote CSR and positive impact through consulting, training and product development activities.

Our goal is to drive companies towards more sustainable and responsible business models by integrating strategic challenges with societal commitments. That’s why we specialize in structuring and refining ESG/CSR strategies for major corporations, investors, dedicated brands, and local public entities.

Recognized as experts in CSR/ESG and positive impact, both by European public and private investment funds and incubators, we are trained as B Leaders and proficient in various carbon accounting methods.

Our approach is highly personalized, tailored to your unique requirements. Plus, we leverage an extensive network of expert partners in areas such as climate risks, life cycle analysis, and biodiversity.

A Glimpse into Our Past

For over 6 years, our mission has centered around embedding sustainability considerations into corporate strategies. Whether it’s reflected in strategic and financial plans, innovations and brands, strategy committees, or HR training and career paths, our commitment remains steadfast.

Comprising a team of sustainability and business experts—spanning strategy, finance, operations, and engineering—we founded Go2impact in 2019. Initially focused on sustainable innovation and responsible value chains, we also introduced a digital platform for eco-responsible purchasing. In 2022, with the addition of new talents such as Elise, Elina, Claire, and more recently, Inès, the firm underwent a rebranding as Transition & Co.

While headquartered in Paris, our client base extends internationally. Operating across continents and diverse cultures, we strive to deliver comprehensive sustainable development strategies and solutions.

Introducing Charlotte, Founder

Since 2019, Charlotte Guériaux Reynal has dedicated herself to reshaping the corporate business models by supporting both small and large companies in the crafting and implementation of CSR and positive impact strategies. Her clientele spans a wide spectrum of entities, ranging from funds to major corporations such as Chanel, Google, L’Oréal, and Lavazza, as well as committed startups like Brevo, HomeExchange, and Pampa. Drawing upon her extensive background in CSR and ESG consulting (formerly a manager at UTOPIES) and her expertise in strategic and financial realms, innovation, and marketing (previously a group director at EDENRED), Charlotte provides a multifaceted approach to her work. A graduate of ESCP Europe and IEP Strasbourg, she also shares her knowledge by teaching on CSR/ESG issues, impact strategies, and organizational sustainability.

Charlotte’s passion extends beyond business; she is deeply committed to fostering collective (and joyful) initiatives for the ecologicial transition, spanning not only Europe but also remote territories such as the Morvan, a picturesque natural park nestled in the heart of Burgundy, her homeplace.

Among her notable clients were B&B Hotels, Brevo, Carte Noire/Lavazza, Chanel, Dammann Frères/Illy, Danone, Google, Keolis, Laroche-Posay, L’Oréal, Les Mousquetaires / Intermarché, OVHcloud, Sodexo, as well as various banks and investment funds.

Our Mission & Commitments

We are a sustainability studio and consulting firm specializing in sustainable business strategy and transformation. Our “raison d’être” is not just a motto—it’s embedded in our legal framework, alongside our five social and environmental objectives:

Inspiring and persuading stakeholders on the importance of sustainable development.
Enhancing the positive societal impact of our clients.
Supporting the growth of sustainable business alternatives.
Emphasizing the “human factor” and collaborative problem-solving in our corporate relationships.
Fostering a culture of continuous learning and empowerment within our workspace.

Join us

While we don’t have any open positions at the moment, we welcome suggestions for collaborations or internships.

Feel free to reach out to us at contact@transitionandco.com.

Our Ecosystem

We firmly believe in the strength of collective action, and we’re advancing with a dedicated and human-centered ecosystem comprising diverse stakeholders: partner firms and service providers, socially responsible startups and B Corp companies, as well as creative agencies.

Our Partners

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